Thursday, 19 October 2017

Location Based Services - Emerging trend for Mobile Application

World has seen the extreme growth of the Mobile Devices and their users over last decades. After the release of iPhone in 2007, there had more mobile devices than were people. This shifted the paradigm towards the mobile technology, which leads to the invention of many more emerging technology in the world. 

Location Base Services(LBS) is one such most emerging technology in the world of mobile. Initially the LBS, which was only used by the customer to get their location, now it is being most widely and actively used in the market to analysis the business behavior and improve it using same. Moreover, the LBS is being used widely used by the various service providers like cab services, delivery services, etc where it has provided really good feedback.

Wi Fi Location Technology -Smart way to enhance your business:

When you have business in the todays world, it becomes really important to know about the behavior your customer, know their choices and provide best services. With the various business types it has the different advantages. Lets see some of them 

  • For B2C Companies: It is important for such business to know the how much population is visiting them and where they are engage their most of the time help us to know about interest of population. It is just most relevant to in the business like hotels, theme parks, airports, stadiums, etc. 
  • For B2B Companies: It always important to know how well the work space and resources are being utilize by employees. The same data is used to make the better utilization of same. 
  • Organizations or Companies with Expensive assets: Many companies manufacturing and using the huge assets can use this in order to find them in case of any misplace.

Incredible Business with LBS:

LBS was widely used over the globe with various purposes. It has seen incredible growth in IT sector. As per the Berge Insight 350 operator over 60 different countries are using the using this technology actively. Accounting to 95% to total consumer and enterprise, LBS has made 9.9 billion yen world wide during 2014. It was estimated that consumer-oriented LBS will reach over 33 billion yen while global LBS will grow to 34.8 billion yen by 2020. The social network and entertainment is the largest LBS segment in terms of user and second largest in terms of revenues.

LBS in IoT:

Now-a-days not only phones are mobile but IoT devices are also mobile where they too require LBS which could allow them to properly interact with their environment . The IoT has came up with lots of application like fitness monitoring devices which could just fit in the pocket ,connect to Body-Area-Network and to internet, gathering all the health information. In future, it can also extend to be used in the devices which are not actually owned but shared in public like public bicycles used in London. So tracking the information related to location, person riding becomes important. 



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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Using Artificial Intelligence in Websites and Web Applications

Have you ever thought of getting help for building your websites and web application without giving anybody credit other than yourself? Ever wanted genuine, honest, intelligent, obedient Business – Partner, a 24-hours hard-working Employee who doesn’t complain about anything, does not demand bonus?

Well such qualities won’t be found in a human but Artificial Intelligence(AI) would workout

Artificial intelligence programs are already used successfully by Google and Wikipedia, the technology is more than within our grasp to allow us to develop software which can think and act as a human without requiring the manpower. Remember, most all of the AI on your phone and desktops is communicating with cloud services, so keep in mind that most solutions are a blend that highly leverages cloud capabilities.

Coming from a leading AI researcher at Facebook: “Facebook today cannot exist without AI. Every time you use Facebook or Instagram or Messenger, you may not realize it, but your experiences are being powered by AI”. 

An AI for developing website - 
  • A DIY website builder service known as The Grid, gives users the chance to engage with its artificial intelligence program Molly to create static websites.
  • Of know what users, want their website to look like, Molly engages them in on-on-one conversations. 
  • It then creates these websites based on what it learns from these conversations.
How can AI help?
Take example of Facebook-
  • Facebook builds its business by learning about its users and packaging their data for advertisers.
  • It then reinvests this money into offering us new, useful functionality – currently video and shopping which it also uses to learn even more about us
  • As the way it enables communication and conversation between people has proven to be hugely valuable to us, it has become a magnet for a huge amount of data about us – who we are, where we spend our time and what we like.
Another Example would be of who have developed 2 AIs namely Watson and Echo who handle Big Data, Data Warehousing and Data Mining. 

One of the recent innovations are conversational interfaces. Enabling artificially intelligent solutions to converse, retain what they learned from conversations and base their decisions accordingly has enabled them to offer more intuitive experiences to users. Example – Tacobot developed by tacobell:

What are AI software that can be developed further or used? 
  • Using AI in web applications we can make such software or applications which can deal with complex problems and find the solution in a more human-like fashion. 
  • AI poses a lot of possibilities for web app developers hoping to bring the same intuitive experiences with their own products. 
  • A personal assistant for your website or web application can be developed like Apple (Siri), Google (Allo) and Microsoft (Cortana).

Hi .How Can I Help You?” 

Some already developed AIs that can be used in your web application- 
  • Gluru: Organize your online documents, calendars, emails and other data and have AI present you with new insights and actionable information. 
  • – An AI which can set your meetings. 
  • Crystalknows analyses your emails and helps you adjust your email style to better communicate with your recipient. 
  • RecordedFuture: Leverages natural language processing at massive scale in real time to collect and understand more than 700,000 web sources. 
  • Tamr: Unique approaches to Big Data. 
  • LegalRobot: Automating legal document review in ways that can serve people and businesses. 
  • Jade: Java Agent Development Framework. Simplifies multi-agent system development. 
  • Seldon: An open, enterprise-grade machine learning platform that adds intelligence to organizations. 
  • DigitalGenius: Computer driven conversation with customers in ways that scale and serve. 
  • Conversica: AI to help you find your next customer, including automated email conversations to qualify leads. 
  • Scaled Inference: Cloud based models and an inference engine to help in model selection. 
  • Build smarter machine learning/AI applications that are fast and scalable. 

No doubt more web developers will develop these types of programs, each one widening the scope of technology’s ability and power. AI systems are ubiquitous in major enterprises. “AI is an enabling layer that will improve every business” as said by Jeff Bezos- founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of AI is next big thing every developer, business firm, IT Professional should focus and invest on.

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Motion UI - Emerging trend in the web application

A user will quickly lose his interest in your web application (app) if it not appealing or interactive. If it is just a dumb static web application, then user will quickly switch to another app of your competitor. User nowadays are not only focusing on the content of the app but also on how the app will quickly give results in minimal time and meet his expectations. Developers need to bring their app to “life”, increase movement, and overall create a ‘living’ site which reacts and changes according to each individual user.

Motion UI is a front-end framework used for building such fully responsive web designed apps. No longer are web applications two dimensional with boring experience. The Motion UI includes predefined motions that are easily accessible and can be put to use for any project. With 36% (or 2382 votes) it is stated by Forbes users that this will be the most important web development trend for you in 2017.
Motion UI is a SaaS library (Software as Service) provided by ZURB. It is widely used for quickly creating animations and CSS transitions. With Motion UI, it is less complicated to make an app’s transitions look smooth and rich with predefined motions. Motion UI has more than two dozen animation classes and built-in transition that make prototyping easy.  It is also possible to preview the effects with the help of library, when you navigate to a production environment. 

Latest Version:
The newest version of Motion UI works through flexible CSS patterns with all kinds of JavaScript libraries and enables seamless integration of animations into websites. The way prototypical animated elements integrate seamlessly into websites would definitely makes Motion UI one of the most preferred libraries by developers.

Elements of Motion UI

  • Animations are great way of telling a story and it is much simplified further by motion UI
  • Animations and transitions allow designers to visualize change and differentiate content.
  • Animations and transitions are moving effects that help users recognize when something changes on the site, for example they click on a button and a new piece of information appears on the screen.
  • Adding movement to apps and websites improves user experience, as it allows users to make sense of content in a more intuitive way.
  • Animations work great for loading spinners, creating eye-catching CTAs and for error states.
  • The Motion UI includes CSS Animations for displaying content along with subtle effects and movement.
  • Motion UI also powers some components of the Foundation framework, such as the Orbit slider, the Toggler switcher, and the Reveal modal, so it’s a pretty robust tool.


  • Motion UI unable us to guide user throughout the website on how to operate things and move through website.
  • Objects feels like they have actual physical mass and respond in ways that the human mind anticipates.
  • They contract or stretch when moved. There is a level of realism so that users can relate.
  •  In actual sense, it puts life into your website and so a sense of positive emotional response from user is generated.

  • A Motion UI design is intuitive and responsive.
  • This is because every reaction of the motion UI should be comprehensible and complementary to the user action.
  • Don't forget that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, as Newton's Third Law of Physics tells us and that holds true for motion UI design.
Focusing merely on the latest design frameworks and techniques are not just the only things for building a great app. A good design should be governed primarily by the element of simplicity for a cleaner approach and better functionality. Using Motion UI wisely is a key to attract wide range of users to your site and keep them engaged on your site


Mr Aditya Bhogale is budding IT professional with interests in the field of Web applications. He is regular follower of the recent trends in this domain and through his blogs ensures that he highlights the same to the world. He can be contacted further on

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Cloud based enterprise application - Advantages and future

Running a successful business? If Yes, then i am sure you are ready to complain about the painstaking manual business process and operations. The automation of these process can be done through Enterprise applications.

These enterprise application can be stand alone applications in your environment or rested on cloud n which can be accessed anywhere as per requirement. These Enterprise applications can range from Online shopping, Billing, Security, Planning, Business Intelligence, HR Management, Enterprise Resource planning (ERP), IT service management, Business process Management, content switching Module and many more that you can think of.

To understand the term Cloud based enterprise application, lets divide it into two fragments:

 Cloud based:
  • It is a term that refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand 
  • via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s server 
  • So, in our case a cloud application, or cloud app, is basically a software program where cloud-based and local components work together and relies on remote servers for processing logic that is accessed through a web browser with a continual internet connection.

 Enterprise Application (EA):

  • An Enterprise is a word that is referred to huge business company or organization 
  • An Enterprise application (EA) is a large software system platform designed to operate in a corporate environment such as business, organization and government. EAs are developed using enterprise architecture. 
  • EAs are complex, scalable, component-based, distributed and mission critical.. 
  • Why do we need EA?-- EA software is a critical component of any computer-based information system. 
  • EA software ultimately enhances efficiency and productivity through business level support functionality. 
  • So, basically making your Enterprise application software cloud-based would be termed as cloud based enterprise mobile application. 



Cloud-based services are ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands. If your needs increase it’s easy to scale up or down your cloud capacity, drawing on the service’s remote servers.

    Where in the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building, but now cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet. In short, cloud is fast becoming the new normal. By the end of 2018 it’s estimated that 90% of UK businesses will be using at least one cloud based enterprise application.
     Disaster recovery and Backup:
Cloud- Based application has a backup and recovery option as the data is spread over internet and remote server as the least damage thus saving time, money and loss.

Increased collaboration:
When your teams can access, edit and share documents anytime,and also conduct remote conferences/meetings from anywhere, they’re able to do more together, and do it much better in real time.

Work from anywhere:
With cloud computing, if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work. So, providing work from Home jobs or Interns won't be troublesome.

Transparency :
When you make the move to cloud computing, all files are stored centrally and everyone sees one version of the truth. Greater visibility means improved collaboration.

Lost laptops are a billion dollar business problem as all projects ,sensitive data may lose. Because your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your machine. And you can even remotely wipe data from lost laptops so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Moving to the cloud gives access to enterprise-class technology, for everyone. It also allows smaller businesses to act faster than big, established competitors.


The above advantages thus specify why in recent years , more and more companies are adapting to cloud based Enterprise application for their Businesses . Still these are predictions of Cloud based enterprise application based on survey conducted by IDC(Business Consultant) and Gartner(Research company):

More application availability on the cloud 
With most new enterprise software being built for cloud from the outset, it is predicted that by 2018 over a quarter of all applications (around 48 million) will be available on the cloud.

Increased growth in the market for cloud: 
Based on their forecast for 2011-2017, Gartner expects adoption to hit $250 billion by 2018. Also, Gartner also suggested that the worldwide EA software as a service (SaaS) market would grow at an astounding yearly growth rate of 20.2 percent This means it will be growing from $18.2 billion in 2012 to $45.6 billion in 2017.

Increased development for the cloud-based EA software : 
More development is going to go to the cloud-based Technologies.IDC concurs with Gartner regarding the growth of these IT services and suggests that 20 percent of all application revenue in 2014 will be generated by SaaS(Software as a Service). 

More Innovations in Enterprise applications because of Cloud: 
Increased competition in the cloud space will give way to better products, services and innovations in Enterprise applications.


Mr Aditya Bhogale is budding IT professional with interests in the field of  Web applications. He is regular follower of the recent trends in this domain and through his blogs ensures that he highlights the same to the world. He can be contacted further on

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Mobile app VS Responsive Web Design

What electronic device you are using for accessing the web? Smartphones, laptops, tablets….
The device which are more handy have the most impact on our lives which bring the idea Smartphones to our mind. We are living in the era where smartphones are more than people. So which is the most easiest and convenient  way for accessing the information on internet? Here rises the debut “Mobile app or Responsive web Design”.

Responsive Web Design – Extremely Flexible!

Today, the handy electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watch are getting popular, created the urgency for development of the responsive web design. Responsive web design can scale to the size of browser. Some of the factors, like touch vs click  makes the interaction with web differently.

       Why Responsive Web Design?

Today, we are using the variety of devices like smartphones, laptop, tablets etc of numerous sizes. A website could be accessed from any of the devices, so it should responsive to the size of device. It has lots of benefits, here are some:

User Experience

First Impression is the Last Impression. In today's world web site the first way of broadcasting the information on business. User satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business. Increase in the users of smartphone, is urgent call for designing the responsive web site. It gives familiar look to user regardless of the device through which user is accessing.

Business View

From the business point of view Responsive Web Design is more profitable as it better to maintain one site rather than having two or more.

Mobile App

Some Application, which is downloaded from internet and installed on mobile and keep it for regular use is Mobile App. ?? Lets just consider some giant companies like amazon, Flipkart, Facebook, Whatsapp, gmail, are targeting the mobile app as their business priorities. Why Mobile App has become one of the most important aspect for enhancing any business

While using the mobile app you will quickly experience how different it feels using mobile app instead of the web sites. Mobile apps are lighter, it takes less time for loading and of course nobody likes to wait.  Moreover, some of the facilities and tools like GPS, notifications, better design, easy to access, and so on are dedicated to only mobile users.

Besides all this, there comes a big question i.e. security. What do you use to shop online? Or what do use for online money transactions? Mobile app that is what the max people will answer. It provides a type of security in-order save our personal and financial data (like account details).

From business point of view it is quite high budget, since there are many mobile operating systems. So if Mobile App is opted, it needs to developed separately for different operating system which is more costly.

Mobile App or Responsive Web Design

What do I need for my business “Mobile App or Responsive Web Design”? 

Logically speaking, it depends, what is your business? Which consumer you are targeting? what is your budget? If you are targeting market or If it’s a e-biz company responsive web site is good option. As it low cost and targeting audience won’t opted for the mobile app for such business purpose. 

But the story is different for the B2C business or commercial business like online shop or if your goal is rich consumer experience Mobile App is opted. You can analyses with some web analytics services like Google Analytics, if you have a website.

Now-a-days many organization have both Mobile App as well as Responsive Websites. Having both is always a best choice.


Mr Abhishek Borikar is budding Mobile application Developer with      
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He regularly shares the same with blogs, white papers and case studies.

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Friday, 18 August 2017

On the go shopping with M Commerce

We are living the mobile era. The mobile technologies are some of the fastest growing technologies. The magic of the mobile technology have won the hearts of people by bringing their imaginations into reality. The booming mobile technology has resulted in mind-blowing applications in many sectors. One of such trending sector is Mobile Commerce, referred as m-Commerce.

  Shop via App :
In last few years the world has experienced the best and easiest transitions of money through digital money transfer and online payments. The Online marketing companies has captured the market like wild fire post introduction of the m-commerce. The e-commerce has rose Online market by 13 percent where as the m-Commerce rose the same market by 42 percent during the year of 2013 to 2016.

  Consumer Expectations :
The m-Commerce has also increased the expectation of the of consumers. The consumers expect the app to analyze and advice the products they like or they want. They expect the target notifications to be received. Further to make consumer more familiar with available m commerce services efficiently lead to the invention of the chatbots applications which is used to facilitate  the conversation via auditory or textual methods.

Product delivery is the primary factor in m-commerce and e-commerce business. Survey shows that 80% of the consumer excepts the same day delivery where as 64% of the consumer excepts with in few hours. Taking one step forward in the field of logistics the e commerce company brought the new concept of drone delivery (project by amazon) wherein product delivery realizes  in no time. The m-commerce with more number of choices and fast delivery is excepted to make good growth in this business.
   Mobile Wallet :
The digital money i.e. mobile wallet had played a great role in rising the m-commerce to the newer heights. The Apple pay, Paytm, Walmart in-app’s payment has got the lot of attention.  It has been analysed that 2017 will experience drastic increase in the use of digital money. 
The government  of India encouraged digital transactions through various schemes like offering accidental insurance of RS 10 lakh on digital or online payment, discount on catering and lodging at railway stations etc.
Paytm one of the leading company has recorded the 5 million transactions a day. Moreover the company is excepting the transaction of Rs.24,000 corer by the end of financial year 2016-17. WorldPay estimates that Online payment or Wallet System such as PayPal, Google Wallet, AliPay account for around 59%  of  m commerce transactions in 2017

  fraud -The biggest Threat :
With the increasing in m commerce business the question for the security is gaining an importance. With the rise in the m commerce business the more and more secured system are required to be developed. According to US government for every dollar of direct lose from fraud, cost $3.34 dollar. To overcome this situation the cyber sources made some strong frame works.
In order to fight against the mobile fraud commercial companies modify the system like development of advanced software which could track the device details, checks transactions are carried by human or robot, trace the geo location of the device, confirm the details by calling consumer, etc

growing rapidly with the increase in the trend of the mobile or wireless devices. In this fast
growing world people except more efficient, automated and fast systems. The business
opportunities has also increased with m commerce. The biggest challenge is bringing
up the effective wireless system to completely realize the power of m commerce of mobile

Statistics Source: 

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Mr Abhishek Borikar is budding Mobile application Developer with      
keen interest in trends and developments in this field.
He regularly shares the same with blogs, white papers and case studies.

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